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Our humble church has been on the land of Bulleke-Bek, Naarm (now the heart of Brunswick, Melbourne) for 160 years. Over that time our community has seen enourmous change, and has been made up of countless people from cultures all around the world.

Once a European working class stronghold, our congregation is now made up of many cultures, backgrounds, ages, and languages, reflecting the vibrancy and diversity of our surrounding suburb. 

We believe that we can come to know God through this diversity, and by wrestling together with scripture and the Christian tradition, with respect, reverence, and questioning.

All are welcome in our church, regardless of identity or background, following the early church where there was neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for all are made one in Christ Jesus. 


Being a church of such diversity we have a deep and lengthy commitment in supporting asylum seekers and refugees. For many years our community has welcomed, advocated for, and supported people seeking asylum in Australia. 

We believe that seeking asylum is a fundamental human right, and that this value is supported in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the teachings of the New Testament. 

You must neither wrong a foreigner nor oppress him, for

you were foreigners in the land of Egypt - Exodus 22:21



We are part of God’s unfolding story, encountered in the Scriptures:

• standing under the covenant with Noah (Gen 9),

we care for the earth;

• inheriting the promises to Abraham (Gen 17),

we make space for others;
• mindful of Moses’ covenant (Exod 19),
we choose life in community;

• joining the transforming covenant with David (Isa 55),

we follow Jesus;

• baptized in the one Spirit (1 Cor 12),
we celebrate diversity;
• living in the new covenant (Heb 8),
we are forgiven and free.

If you would like to learn more about our covenant or other documents you can find them under the links below.

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