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Sundays are at the centre of our shared lives together at Brunswick. Our weekly worship service is held at 10am followed by morning tea. Our services are diverse and inclusive, usually including music, prayer, and reflecting together on scripture.

At Brunswick, we take the bible seriously, wrestling with what it means for our lives here and now. This is done through a combination of discussion, reflective practice, and preaching.

Our worship merges contemporary and traditional elements, including music, poetry, art, and meditation. In our commitment to multicultural church we embrace a range of voices and traditions. 

Our Sunday services are open to all, whether you're a life-long Christian, returning to church, exploring spirituality, or in search of friendship and a caring community. 



Part of our diverse congregation includes a growing cohort of children. We believe that spiritual development is best encouraged in kids by building deep, trusting & lasting relationships with them, and by modeling the kind of faith that is grounded and sustainable.

Our kids are always welcome in our services, we understand that this sometimes comes with noise and unpredictability. This is all a part of gathering together as a community. However, we do also have dedicated programming for our kids every other week, with younger and older kids' groups. 

Our church welcomes and embraces children who are neurodivergent or who have other nontypical needs and behaviours. Our attitudes and approaches to children reflect this, with a number of leaders having experience and training in these areas.


Omid (Persian: اُمید‎): meaning hope

Omid is a group where people from different cultures come to meet, eat together, pray, read the bible, and share in English conversation. It is a place to share stories, support one another, and deepen our relationships with one another and with God.

For many, seeking asylum in Australia can be a long and difficult journey. Our Omid group has met for many years with these challenges in mind. On top of building much needed friendships and connections, the group supports one another, whether it be in building a new life here in Australia or navigating VISA applications. 

Omid is open for all to attend but is focussed on supporting our brothers and sisters seeking asylum as they deepen their faith through bible study, learning English and exploring the Christian faith through Baptism and discipleship.



Our connect groups provide an opportunity to meet with others in our community to share food, stories, and life together. Some groups connect around bible study and discussion, others over ritual and prayer, and others simply over food and conversation. 

Our groups are designed to provide opportunities for intercultural engagement and experience, and through this we believe we can deepen our spirituality and connection to God. 

If you would like to join one of our connect groups click the link below and we can find the right one for you.

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